Caprese Salad - 11

ft. fresh sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil

Bourbon BBQ Ribs

(Full Portion - 29.75)

Slow cooked ribs with a savory bourbon bbq sauce. Served with our classic mac, topped with bacon and baked beans.

(Half Portion - $16.75)

Served with our classic mac, topped with bacon.

Beef short rib.jpg

Short Rib - 26.50

Served with a port wine demi-glace, with mashed potatoes and asparagus

Fish & Chips - $10.75

Beer battered tilapia over fries w/ malt vinegar & house made tartar sauce.

Thai Chili Salmon - $17.25

Served with seasonal veggies & chef inspired potatoes.

NEW Smokehouse Sandwiches








Beef Brisket - 17.25

Charcoal smoked and topped with pickled veggies

*We recommend enjoying this with a side of our Classic Mac!



Pit-cooked Texas BBQ - 12.75

Classic Texas BBQ pulled pork with slaw

Hawaiian BBQ - $12.75

Tender pulled pork ft. slaw and a bourbon pineapple sauce 


Smokehouse Sampler - 12.75

Try all 3 Smokehouse Specials as sliders! (no side included)


MM Sides

*Kettle Chips are served with sandwiches, upgrade to any of our Signature Sides! (at an additional charge)


Classic Mac - Baked Beans - Inverted Spud - Loaded Baked Potato - Seasonal Veggie  - Side MM Salad - Side Caesar Salad - Onion Rings - Fries - Old Bay Fries -
Barbie Fries

Texas style pit cooked pork_edited.jpg
Smoked Brisket Sandwiches with Pickled Vegetables_edited.jpg

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