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Party Starter - $16.75

Includes: Buffalo Shrimp, Crispy Brussel Sprouts, Walkabout Rolls, Jalapeno Bites

Sesame Crusted Tuna - $14.75

Seared and served with our Poblano Avocado ranch and a spicy plum sauce over Asian slaw and mixed greens

MM Potstickers - $11.50

Pork filled potstickers steamed then pan fried with an Asian inspired dipping sauce

Walkabout Rolls - $12.75

Pulled chicken, bacon and cheddar in a spring roll wrapper. Fried and drizzled with our secret sauce

Crispy Brussel Sprouts - $9.75

Roasted and tossed in a balsamic reduction and parmesan 

Cheesesteak Spring Rolls - $15.50

Thinly sliced beef, sauteed onions, cheddar & jack cheese, served with a side of sriracha ketchup

Buffalo Shrimp - $13.75

Topped with bleu cheese crumbles.



Chicken Parm Bites - $12.25

Tender bites of chicken smothered in marinara and mozzarella, topped with fresh basil.

MM Onion Rings - $14.25

Served with a side of our Poblano Avocado Ranch

Plant Based Chicken Tenders - $15.50

Pretzels & Cheese - $12.75

chicken parm bites_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-09-13 11.57_edited.jpg
walkabout rolls_edited.jpg
Cheese Steak Spring Rolls_edited.jpg

Crunchy Fries - $5.25

Parm Truffle Fries - $8.25

Old Bay Fries - $7

Served with smoked gouda and white cheddar fondue

Barbie Fries - $7

Served with smoked gouda and white cheddar fondue 

Inverted Spud - $9.75

Loaded baked potato chopped and topped with beer onions, sour cream, and chives

Provolone Sticks - $8.75

provolone sticks

Balls & Bites


Loaded Potato Balls - $9.75

Mashed redskin potatoes, bacon, cheddar & jack cheese, and scallions. Fried and served with a side of sour cream.

Jalapeno Bites - $13.25

Pulled chicken, jalapenos, cream cheese, garlic and cheddar. Drizzled with cilantro lime crema on top

Mad-Mac Bites - $9.75

Our signature mac blended with bacon. Fried and topped with our secret sauce

MM Bites_edited.jpg
Loaded Bake Potato Balls_edited.jpg
Garlic Parm Bites_edited.jpg

Boneless Wings - $11.75

Choice of Sauce: Honey Chipotle, Bourbon BBQ, Spicy Garlic Buffalo, Thai Chili, Garlic Parm

*served with your choice of ranch/bleu cheese dressing and celery



Signature Wings

1 lb - $14.75 - Fried or Baked

Choice of sauce: Honey Chipotle, Bourbon BBQ, Golden BBQ, Spicy Garlic Buffalo, Thai Chili, Garlic Parm, Jerk (only available baked!)

*served with your choice of ranch/bleu cheese dressing and celery

Golden BBQ wings

Kettle Chip Nachos

Black bean salsa, smoked gouda & white cheddar sauce. Topped with cilantro lime crema and pickled onion

  • Cheese - $11.25

  • ADD Steak - $7.25

  • ADD Tequila Lime Chicken - $7.75

  • ADD Jerk Chicken - $10.50

A 3.5% surcharge will be added to all credit card payments. Thank you

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