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Corned Beef Hash

steak and eggs_edited_edited.jpg

Steak & Eggs - 13

2 eggs w/ MM home fries & a hot buttery croissant

Southern Fried Chicken & Waffles - 17

with a spicy honey butter sauce

Belgian Waffles - 8

topped with fresh fruit, served with home fries







Sausage Gravy - 8

Hawaiian rolls covered in sausage gravy, topped with bacon

Miss Piggy with Egg - 12

ham, bacon, cheddar and egg on a pretzel roll. Served with home fries



Hangover Burger - 15

bacon, fried egg, hollandaise, mixed greens & tomato. Served with home fries.



Sausage and Gravy _edited.jpg
hangover burger_edited.jpg
miss piggy with egg in her face2 (1)_edited.jpg
Cheese Burger Bloody .jpg

NEXT LEVEL Bloody Marys:

Spice things up with a skewer!

-Cheeseburger Slider: bacon, pickles, & celery

-Cajun: old bay shrimp, andouille sausage & celery

-Meat & Cheese: prosciutto, salami, cheeses & celery

-When Pigs Fly: bleu cheese stuffed olives, bacon & celery


Pull Up The Covers - 14.50

3 eggs any style, your choice of meat; ham, bacon or scrapple. Served with home fries and a croissant




Yo Adrian Skillet - 15

Philly cheesesteak, sauteed beer onion, scrambled eggs and MM cheese sauce. Served with home fries

Loaded MM Burrito - 13

ham, bacon, sauteed onions, black bean salsa, 4 cheese blend and scrambled eggs. Served with home fries.

OG Benedict - 14

poached eggs, Canadian bacon, & hollandaise sauce over an English muffin. Served with home fries.

Jumbo Lump Crab Benedict - 23

poached eggs, lump crab & hollandaise over an English muffin. Served with home fries.

Flank Steak Benedict - 17.25

poached eggs over marinated flank steak with grilled tomato & hollandaise over an english muffin. Served with home fries.


DE Official - 10.50

scrapple, egg, & American cheese on Texas toast. Served with home fries

Breakfast Burrito 5.jpg
delaware offical_edited.jpg

Brunch Sides:

Home fries - 3.25

Fresh Fruit - 3.75

Scrapple - 4.50

Bacon - 4

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